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Kavosh Saane’ Tehran Co


In 1996, a group of Sharif University graduates made an extensive research and study on the nurse call systems in the Iranian market and then decided to establish Kavosh Saane’ Tehran Company. Through innovation, young experts, and modern technology we produced a new generation of nurse call systems and its equipments for the hospitals.

Research and Development

R&D section was formed in the company to design, develop, and produce best products with the least weak point. Nurse call systems were the first products to be tested in R&D department in the company. The department has been constantly responsible to design and develop primary samples of the products and test them for the users in clinical environment.

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Featured Products

  • Nurse Call System +

    -- Patient’s mental ease -- Quick and easy nurse-patient contact -- Lower work pressure for nurses -- Optimum observation of health services given to patients via nurse call system Read More
  • Guard Call System +

    --Guard call system is one of the requirements for every credible hospital. Health care systems require immediate guard presence in every section whenever needed Read More
  • Code 99 +

    -- Hours and minutes may not seem highly critical in our daily life. However, in hospitals, seconds play a vital role in saving a patient Code Read More
  • Line Isolation Monitor +

    -- When using electric devices at a hospital such as x-ray and other special sections, there may be a risk of electric shock for the user Read More
  • Call panels +

    -- Regarding customers’ needs, Kavosh Engineering Group has developed panels to be set up over the patient’s bed. These panels are produced in various models and Read More
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